Have you updated your online medical record?



With the passing of hurricane Ike from the Texas coast, I was reminded of the importance of making sure my online medical record is updated at all times. 


On Friday before The Night of Hurricane Ike\'s Arrivalhurricane Ike’s arrival, the staff of American Medical ID was given the opportunity to prepare for the storm.  One of the top priorities on my family’s list was grabbing all insurance and medical files from our cabinet and placing them in a large plastic bag to prevent potential water damage.  


Since time and space is crucial during hurricane preparations, an updated online medical record allows you to feel secure that your medical information is current.  Once the files were properly stored, I put on my titanium medical ID and “hunkered” down in our master bathroom to await the pending storm. 


The good news!  Our home was free of damage as were the homes of many of my colleagues. However, our corporate office experienced some damage due to falling trees on the roof and in the parking lots. 


Whether your online medical record is with us, or another program/company, be sure to keep it updated as you never know what type of urgent situation may arise.


-Danielle, Product Manager @ American Medical ID

Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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