Put your own spin on your medical ID

Although we have numerous medical ID plates, charms, metals and designs, there is always someone who wishes to wear a unique or different medical ID.  We are proud of our “build your own medical ID” website, which allows customers to personalize and create their own medical ID by selecting a charm/pendant, chain style, emblem color, etc. of their choice.  However, I am a realist.  I understand that we may not have the perfect chain or metal for you.  But the key is that if you need to wear a medical ID, you should. And if you wish to create your own…by all means do so!

At the recent American Association of Diabetes Educators 2008 Conference in Washington, DC last month, I met one of our customers who used our Silver Medallion to create her own personalized medical ID.  The Medallion, engraved with her medical information, was attached to a claw type clasp which hooked to her own bead chain bracelet. I personally found the ID quite stylish. But most importantly, she was wearing a medical ID!


If you wish to create your own medical ID, feel free to do so.  We sell our charms, pendants and bracelet plates without the chain to allow customers the option of designing their own medical ID.  Keep in mind, the price for the charm/pendant/plate with the chain and without are the same.


Good luck, and have fun putting your own spin on your medical ID!


-Danielle, Product Manager @ American Medical ID

Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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