Wearing a Medical ID Band for Runners

Medical IDs can be helpful for everyone—especially runners! Even people without any specific diagnoses often choose to wear a medical ID to keep themselves safe just in case.

A simple slip and fall while out running can result in circumstances that make a medical ID literally lifesaving. At American Medical ID, you can choose the perfect ID for your active lifestyle. Here’s a quick rundown:

The Best Type of ID

The best medical ID for an active lifestyle will be waterproof, sweat proof, and abrasion and rust resistant.

A band made of sturdy silicone is recommended, and an engravable plate made of stainless steel will make sure the included information is readable for years to come.

You can choose from different sizes, styles, and colors of wrist bands and engravable plates to fit every taste. Multi-packs of silicone wrist bands allow you to easily match your bracelet to your outfit if you prefer to be color-coordinated.

The Apple Watch Slide fits onto your existing Apple watch or any other smart watch with a 22mm band to allow you to easily monitor your workout without adding too many bracelets on your wrists. The Fitbit slide will easily fit onto your existing Fitbit wrist band.

What to Engrave

The first and most important piece of information to include on your medical ID as a runner is your emergency contact info.

Carefully consider who you would like to have emergency services reach out to in the event of an emergency, and consider adding a second emergency contact just in case they can’t reach your first person. Obtain permission from the person you’re listing as an emergency contact, too.

The next common piece of information to include is your blood type. In an emergency where a blood transfusion may be required, having that information easily accessible can be lifesaving. If you would rather not receive a blood transfusion, you can include that information as well.

If you have any severe allergies, list those out on your medical ID, too. Include any medication allergies, severe food allergies, latex allergy, or metal allergies. You can usually skip the environmental allergies, unless they are severe enough to influence your medical care.

Runners use Medical IDs

American Medical ID’s Active ID Selection

The wide variety of active medical IDs available at American Medical ID are neatly organized into a single category of active IDs to allow you to easily select the best option for you.

The friendly customer service representatives are available via phone or online live chat to help you choose the best option for yourself and answer any questions about what type of information you need to engrave on your active ID. A rainbow of colors and different styles of engravable plates let you pick the band that will be the perfect complement to your active lifestyle and give you the confidence of knowing you’re protected just in case!

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