What to Print on a Medical ID Card

Expandable Wallet CardMedical ID cards are typically paper cards that are stored in a wallet or a purse.

They are important if you need to convey medical information that does not fit on a medical ID bracelet or necklace.

A medical ID card can communicate to rescuers what they need to know about you if they find you unconscious or incoherent in order to safely provide treatment.


What should I Include on my Medical ID?

When you receive your Expandable Wallet Card, follow the prompts provided.

As an alternative, here is helpful information to include on your medical ID card:

The front of your medical ID card should contain:

  • Full name
  • Full address including street, city, state, zip code
  • Phone number
  • Birth date
  • Blood type
  • Social security number
  • Health insurance information including carrier, individual and group number
  • Primary physicians including name and phone number

The back of your medical ID card should contain:

  • Emergency contacts including full name and phone number
  • Conditions and/or disabilities including any diagnoses or injuries
  • Medication list including prescriptions, dosage, times taken, and any other details regarding specifications of administration
    • Prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, herbal remedies, nutrition pills, respiratory therapy medicines such as inhalers, blood factors, IV solutions, IV nutrition
    • Include pharmacy name and phone and fax number where you pick up your medications
  • Assistance needed, for example, if you need help with transferring or walking
  • Allergies to medications, medical materials such as latex, food, and insects
  • Immunization dates
  • Communication or speech-related disabilities, for example any hearing or speaking difficulties
  • Equipment used, for example oxygen tank or motorized wheelchair
  • Sanitary needs such as indwelling catheter

It is important to make multiple copies of this card to keep in places where an emergency might happen. This can include your car, work, wallet (behind drivers license), purse, wheelchair pack, and emergency supply kits.

Expandable Wallet Card

How will a first responder know about my Medical ID Card?

Often, a person will wear a medical ID bracelet that says where to find their medical ID card, for example, “Medical ID Card in Wallet.” This alerts first responders and paramedics to look for and locate the person’s comprehensive medical profile printed on their medical ID in an emergency.

Is it safe to print my Social Security Number on my medical ID?

Typically, you are not recommended to carry personal identifying documents such as your social security number, birth certificate, or passport in your wallet or purse. It is your personal decision if you want to include your social security number on your medical ID card.


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