Traveling This Summer? Remember Your Medical ID Jewelry

Rosegold Medical ID NecklaceNow that the CDC has given a thumbs up to travel – “Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Travel with Low Risk” – maybe you’re considering hitting the road this summer? Possibly you’re even thinking of booking that first flight.

If so, remember to take steps in advance for an unexpected medical event while away from home.

We all have a heightened awareness of how our personal health may take unexpected turns. If living with an ongoing medical condition or risk factor, consider having a medical ID bracelet or necklace as a part of your travel kit.

As the CDC reminds  – ”Help others help you…wear a Medical ID”.


If you know your route and destination it’s always a good idea to check where you’d go for an emergency, either an ER or urgent care clinic.

And if you’ll need medicine refills while away, check refill status on any important meds and then make sure you’ll have access to a pharmacy that could process a refill for you.

Although domestic travel is going to be less complicated, as of May, there remain pockets of the U.S. that are experiencing spikes in Covid-19 cases.


Covid-19 Vaccinations

Needless to say, if not already vaccinated, it’s a good idea to take care of that before departing. In most places within the U.S. vaccinations are available, often without appointment.

It can’t hurt to make your vaccine card a part of your travel kit, just in case.

While there is no digital “Vaccine Passport” in the U.S., it’s not a bad idea to have your proof of vaccine with you, though it is not required at this time.

Pfizer Vaccine Charm

American Medical ID is offering a vaccine charm for those who’ve been vaccinated. Attach it to a keychain, backpack, ID bracelet or other jewelry. Choose one of three charms engraved to specify that you are vaccinated and the vaccine you received. In addition, you’ll get a medical ID wallet card and sleeve, suitable for keeping your vaccine card in your wallet, purse or backpack. View Vaccine Charm.


If your destination is outside the U.S., view this CDC link to learn about all things related to foreign travel and insights into current conditions by destination. There are pockets of severe COVID-19 outbreaks throughout the world, some with restrictions by the State department. And there are many other considerations, so take a few minutes and review travel advice provided by CDC.

Consider a Medical ID Bracelet or Necklace

Any time you leave your home and live with a chronic medical condition or other potential medical issue, you are at greater risk than when inside your home and with family.

A personalized medical ID bracelet, detailing vital information on your medical conditions, care instructions, emergency contacts, etc. will provide peace of mind that, should an emergency arise, information on your ID will greatly increase the likelihood that you’ll be taken care of promptly and appropriately.

Eternity Bracelet

Even when traveling with family, there are times when you might be separated from them. And in the event of an emergency, would your loved one be able to quickly provide accurate information on your diagnoses, medications you take, allergies, physician contacts, and other relevant information?

Why not take this simple precaution and wear an ID around your wrist or neck, where it will not be overlooked. American Medical ID offers a comprehensive selection of medical ID jewelry to match your lifestyle and needs.

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