Do I Engrave My Name on My Medical ID?

Most people do choose to include their name on the face of the ID bracelet or necklace. It makes for faster access to next of kin as well as the ability to obtain other information that could be helpful in an emergency.

There are times to be concerned about privacy, but your medical ID – by its nature – is intended to let others know a bit about you and how to take care of you should an emergency arise. That said, it is not essential to engrave a name.

Simple words and phrases alone – like diabetes, heart patient, taking blood thinner, penicillin allergy, seizure disorder – can give EMS a head start in promptly administering the right care for the medical ID wearer.

What about emergency contact numbers?

Many ID wearers choose to include emergency contact names and phone numbers. In some cases and where space permits, secondary family members can be included or even a physician.


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