How to Have an Allergy-Friendly Barbecue

Summer BBQSwim days, camping trips, family vacations, and of course, barbecues! The summer months bring with them lots of outdoor activities and opportunities to get together with family and friends.

When you have food allergies, these outings can present some challenges. Here are some things to keep in mind when enjoying that backyard barbecue if you or your child has food allergies.

Share with Care

Grills and smokers are great for family-style cooking, but they can lead to allergen-laden foods mixing with allergy-friendly foods. For partygoers with food allergies, this can be a big problem. Ask the cook to use separate platters and utensils to avoid cross-contamination.


Hidden Ingredients

While grilled meats like ribs and chicken are pretty straightforward, many other barbecue foods may have hidden food allergens. Marinades and sauces can contain nuts, soy, or other common food allergies. Even hamburgers are not as simple as they used to be. Cooks often use egg and breadcrumbs to hold patties together, or incorporate cheese into the burgers themselves. Side dishes like potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and pasta dishes can contain egg or milk products. If you’re worried about the allergens, ask the cook before eating.

BYOF (Bring your own food)

You can’t go wrong with supplying your own snacks. If the event is a potluck, bring a dish that is free of food allergens for everyone to enjoy. That way you or your child can eat safely and feel like part of the crowd, too.

Info on Hand

Even if you’re just down the street at a neighbor’s house, it’s important to keep your medication, medical ID, and an emergency action plan handy. Inform the party host of your allergies and how he or she can act in the event of an allergy attack. However you enjoy your summertime, remember to stay safe!

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