I Love having MyIHR for a Detailed Medical History

The post is part of the series “Life Stories” where we asked our customers to tell us their stories on why they wear a medical ID.

I Love having MyIHR for a Detailed Medical History

medical ID bracelet was a day I was out walking with my friends. We’d chosen to walk down a trail from one city park to the next, a span that stretches about 2 miles each way. The morning of the walk I had eaten cream of rice cereal and nothing else. I wasn’t hungry when we left and didn’t think about eating anything else. I also left my water bottle and purse in the car.

The walk down was great. It was clear and there was almost no wind. We chose to sit for a moment at the end of the 2 miles and that’s when I realized I was shaking. I told my friends that I was shaking, and then told them when I started to break out in a sweat (something that shouldn’t have happened due to our pace and the cooler weather).

One of my friends recognized the signs of my blood sugar dropping and convinced me to sit down while she went back for the car. I’m hypoglycemic.

The scary realization hit me that if it wasn’t for them being there I could have passed out and no one would’ve known what to do or who to contact. That night we all sat around talking and the decision was made, I needed a medical ID bracelet.

While the bracelet is not a solution to how much I failed to do that day, it’s a great comfort. Knowing that if I haven’t paid attention to what I need to do, someone will know how to respond and who to contact. The bracelet I have was carefully chosen based on the information I felt pertinent to my own situation and I love having MyIHR for a detailed medical history. It’s one less thing to worry about when I leave my house.

Melissa Bartlett

MyIHR is a product offered by American Medical ID. There is no recurring fee to include MyIHR on your medical ID.


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