Just Diagnosed – Diabetes

Finding out you have or at risk for Diabetes is a tough time. You want to find out everything you can to help beat it and to keep yourself safe.

With this post I’ll direct you to some good resources.

First of all, if you have Diabetes, it is important to get a medical ID. When your sugar levels drop it can appear as if you are drunk and instead of getting help you could easily be overlooked. By having an ID you can share the fact that you need help, even if you are unable to clearly vocalize the need.

Mayo Clinic– This site provides an in depth overview of what Diabetes is and includes commonly used treatments and lifestyle changes.

Diabetes Blog Network- Some times you need more than just the medical facts, you need to hear from someone else going through the same things as you.  The Diabetes Blog Network is a directory of blogs dealing with Diabetes.

American Diabetes Association–  The ADA is the largest  Diabetes advocacy group and has hundreds of available resources for people with Diabetes and those whose family members have been diagnosed.

If you have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes or at risk, what are some tips that you wish someone had shared with you? This is your chance to help others.

Don’t forget to help Stop Diabetes!

Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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