American Medical ID or Medic Alert?

When choosing a medical ID you’ll find many available options, and choosing the best option can be difficult. To help you with this important decision I’ll be comparing several of the bigger players in the ID field so you can decide which features are the most important to you.

For this first installment I’ll be taking a look at MedicAlert and their member service.

Service: While American Medical ID focuses on custom engraving in order to relay information, MedicAlert also offers a help line to call if you need assistance and family alert system.  Both American Medical ID and MedicAlert provide a medical record service managed by you.

Style: If the style of the ID is what you are looking for than American Medical ID is probably where you want to look. MedicAlert provides the basic styles and the crystal bracelets, but you must choose only from the options they have put together, whereas with American Medical ID you can completely customize your piece of jewelry creating thousands of options.

Price: Although the stainless steel dog tag is about $20 cheaper, it does not provide space for front and back engraving (and also requires membership fees). On precious metal jewelry (silver and gold) American Medical ID averages about $30 less than MedicAlert.

Membership fees should also be considered when looking at both companies; American Medical ID does not require any kind of membership while the average membership fee for MedicAlert is $30 a year.

Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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