Back to School the Safe Way


It’s hard to believe but it’s already back to school time!  It seems the summer days go by so quickly.  For kids heading back, it’s important to remember their safety; especially important for children with allergies or important medical conditions. These children need not miss out on the fun of field trips, recess, class parties and other school activities.  They simply must practice safety, which includes making their condition well-known to all those around them.


As for my own children, I am lucky.  We have no allergies or conditions to speak of.  However, it’s still good practice to have a medical ID on their wrist or necklace which can include basic information about the child, such as an emergency contact number.  For those children with allergies, such as milk or nuts, or even a condition such as diabetes, a medical ID is a must-have.  The ID will list the child’s condition, medication information; even a doctor’s phone number is a good idea.  For these children, if a situation occurs at school in which they may need medical attention, the medical ID will give the teacher, school nurse, or paramedic a sneak peek into the medical history.  And, it’s easier than ever to encourage the child to wear an ID since there are so many “cool” ID’s to choose from, such as dogtags and sportbands.


So, I wish everyone a safe journey back to school!  I may be as anxious as my kids to find out which of their friends are in their classes!


Liz Gabel
Interactive Sales
American Medical ID

Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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