Arriving on the wings of a storm

With tropical storm Eduard on my heels causing a very turbulent 30 minute ride after take off, I landed safely in Washington, DC to begin setting up our booth for the AADE 2008 conference.

This year we involved the attendees with a new marketing program. We asked the diabetes educators, nurses and dieticians to vote on our next marketing education poster to help reinforce the importance of wearing a medical ID. Since the healthcare community educations and/or prescribes patients to wear a medical ID, it is extremely valuable to ask what tools would help them best with their jobs.

Although I do not have a condition or allergy that would warrant wearing ID, I do anyways. My medical ID has I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) information as well as “no known allergies” engraved on the underside. So, if something happens while I am out and about, my medical ID alerts first responders to my health status based on the information engraved. Also, they can quickly call my emergency contact person engraved on my ID to notify them of what is taking or just took place.

Although I was in Washington, DC for work, there was time for a little play. With my medical ID in tow, I walked the grounds of the Smithsonian museums and visited the Washington Monument.

-Danielle, Product Manager @ American Medical ID

Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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