American Medical ID Exhibits at AADE Annual Conference

I’m packing my bags for Washington, D.C. American Medical ID is exhibiting at the American Association of Diabetes Educators Annual Meeting. This marks our 9th year exhibiting at the conference and for me, personally, my 8th appearance! I have worked a great number of trade shows over the years and AADE has one of the most exciting, energetic exhibit floors of them all. This is a great core audience for us. The nurses and educators enjoy viewing our medical ID jewelry and learning about new products on the horizon. They always seem to greet our booth with such enthusiasm! Of course, for American Medical ID it’s important for us to inform the educators about our varied line of medical ID products as well as the value in our Online Medical Registry.

I think the job these nurses do on a daily basis is so vital to our society. I mean, their job is to EDUCATE their patients about diabetes. Did you know that nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes? That’s 8 percent of the population. There’s a lot of education needed for every single person diagnosed and this job falls to our healthcare professionals. As well, every single person with diabetes should wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace—their life could depend on it.

Enough of this for now! I look forward to seeing you all in our nation’s capitol!

Liz Gabel
Interactive Sales


Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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