Alzheimer’s Disease & Medical IDs: What To Know

About Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects more than 24 million people worldwide. With it being incurable, a person’s memory, behavior, and thinking can all be affected permanently. This disease can make a person forget where they are at, and who they are.

Why People with Alzheimer’s Should Wear a Medical ID

Wearing a Medical ID can help protect someone with Alzheimer’s, and keep them safe from common issues such as wandering. In a medical emergency, a medical ID bracelet or necklace will provide the medical personnel with all the relevant information to help provide proper treatment.

What Should You Put on a Medical ID for Someone with Alzheimer’s?

American Medical ID recommends having these 4 engravings on the ID.

  1. The wearers name– Someone with Alzheimer’s may have difficulty identifying themselves. Providing a first and last name can help the responders return the person safely to their home.
  2. Alzheimer’s– Identifying that they have Alzheimer’s Disease and how it affects them. Are they prone to hallucinations? Are they resilient towards treatment?
  3. Other conditions or allergies– Do they have any other conditions that the responder should be aware about? Allergies that affect their treatment?
  4. In case of emergency contacts– Include an emergency phone number. Also consider engraving the ID with MYIHR. To learn more about MyIHR, click here.


Unsure about what medical id to choose? See our guide on how to pick the perfect ID for your loved one at

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