Nickel-Free Medical Alert Bracelets

If you have a medical condition that is not immediately obvious or visible, it can be imperative to be able to communicate it to medical personnel during an emergency. Carrying a medical ID card can be useful to a certain extent, but wearing a nickel-free medical ID bracelet can be a much easier way to do this when time is of the essence, especially because emergency medical responders are trained to look for them.

American Medical ID has a wide range of nickel-free medical ID bracelets and necklaces for adult men and women, as well as children (including babies, toddlers, and older kids). The company uses a variety of materials in its medical jewelry, including gold, silver, and stainless steel.

Our adult nickel-free medical alert bracelets & wristband options


Nickel Free Medical ID Bracelets

Note: All our stainless steel medical ID bracelets are nickel-free.

Our selection of nickel-free medical alert bracelets come in a range of styles and colors to fit your preferences, whether you’re looking for something casual to wear every day, or something dressier to go with work attire.


Nickel-free medical id bracelets for kids

American Medical ID also offers a wide selection of nickel-free medical ID bracelets in fun colors and patterns the younger set will want to wear. Not only will these be easy to find and spot, but they won’t cause irritation if your child has a nickel allergy or sensitivity.

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Our nickel-free medical alert necklace options

Similarly, if you prefer a necklace over a bracelet, we also offer a wide range of casual and stylish nickel-free medical alert necklaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your stainless steel medical IDs contain nickel?

Our stainless steel medical ID bracelets are nickel-free. Additionally, stainless steel is generally considered hypoallergenic for most people, even for a nickel allergy.

Do your gold medical IDs contain nickel?

If you want to ensure a gold medical ID is nickel-free, choose a gold finish stainless steel. Karat golds, gold-filled, and sterling silver all contain some Nickel.

Do your titanium medical IDs contain nickel?

Titanium is generally considered to be nickel-free, but it is possible that it may contain trace amounts of nickel. Select a stainless steel medical ID to ensure that contains absolutely no nickel.

What are your non-metal medical alert bracelets made of?

If you’d like an alternative to metal to avoid aggravating a metal allergy, consider one of American Medical ID’s nylon sport bands. Alternative medical identification jewelry can also be made with silicone, leather, or other materials.

Is it necessary to alert medics to a nickel allergy?

While a nickel allergy may not be as dire as other conditions you’d list on a medical ID, it certainly can’t hurt to include it. If anything, it will help emergency responders rule out other more serious reactions. Remember to always list your most important medical information first on the ID so it is reads as most urgent to least urgent information.



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