Real Medical ID Life Story

medical ID bracelet alerted them to the fact that I was taking various medications and had other concerns that would need to be addressed. Because of that day, I now have my medications and medical history stored in my phone as part of the “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) contacts.

I have also experienced a Multiple Sclerosis exasperation in which I had great difficulty walking and my speech was affected. I simply couldn’t find the words to say. As I sat in a wheelchair in a local ER, slumped to one side from the weakness with my face slightly drawn and unable to clearly articulate my needs I was again very thankful for my medical ID bracelet. The triage nurse used my bracelet to help identify what was happening prior to my husband’s arrival. I had difficulty communicating with the ER physician, but because the nurse had seen (and paid attention to) my bracelet she spoke up for me. My bracelet provided her the opportunity to realize I needed an advocate at that moment. She was wonderful!

I never go anywhere without my medical bracelet. It has been invaluable to me by providing a voice when I cannot speak for myself. I now advocate for medical identification alerts for those I come in contact with who need them. I keep brochures and information about the various types of alerts (bracelets, necklace, watches, etc) so that I can provide them to others. My son, who developed a severe nut allergy, and my daughter, who has a severe reaction to an antibiotic, also wear medical ID bracelets. Our family is a huge supporter and proponent of the medical identification alerts!

Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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