American Medical ID Newsletter December 2009

Welcome to the December Newsletter!
This is the fourth of 4 quarterly Newsletters you received this year!

As we move into the holiday season and toward the end of the year, we took some time to reflect on our big moments in 2009 and thought, why not share our top 15 moments with you? We’re proud of what we do here at American Medical ID and sometimes we just can’t help letting the world know!

One of our own, jewelry designer Jason McMahon – a past American Medical ID employee – has returned to work with us on a Limited Edition ID…the Infinity Necklace. Although Jason has moved on to bigger and better things in the jewelry design field, ake a look at his unique twist on the traditional medical ID.

Since food is always a big part of holiday celebrations, we’re offering a couple of articles on that subject. If you are like me, you’re already making a plan for how to shed the inevitable extra pounds January brings. Maybe these can help.

Lastly, let us hear from you! We welcome your ideas on how to get the word out about medical IDs and this underutilized, ifesaving tool. And of course, if you have a story to tell, we’d like to hear it!

We are excited and hopeful about the year ahead, as we have many plans and ideas. We wish you all the best and may American Medical ID help bring you peace of mind in 2010.

Until next time,

Rick Russell

President and CEO, American Medical ID

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Our Top 15 List of 2009

1. Our 15 Year Anniversary!
2. Launch of our Twitter page – so that we can communicate with you,
our customers!
3. The USB Dog Tag ID — the first engravable USB medical ID ever!
4. Launch of our weekly Health Briefs — we hope you’ve enjoyed these
5. Product surveys added to our website — we want to hear what YOU
think of our products!
6. Exhibiting at the American Association of Diabetes Educators
Conference – Atlanta, GA.
7. Creation of our YouTube page— we’d love to see your videos on the
importance of medical IDs!
8. Introduction of the Expandable Wallet Card – for all the other
important information that does not fit on your medical ID or is
subject to change.
9. American Medical ID bracelet is featured on the hit TV show – Army
10. ID sizing and engraving videos added to our website – to assist
you with selecting and engraving your medical ID.
11. Surpassed “150” fan mark on Facebook.
12. First-time FAAN Walk participants – Houston, TX.
13. Launch of Titanium and Odyssey product lines
14. Snow at our Houston, Texas corporate office — December 4th,
earliest snowfall on record!
15. Limited Edition Infinity Necklace – launch of our newest product
designed exclusively for American Medical ID!

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Butterflied Cornish Hens with Sage Butter

Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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