Support the Hire of a National Diabetes Coordinator

Updated March 31, 2015

Did you know that more than 23.6 million people have diabetes? Did you know that by 2025 an estimated 50 million people will be living with diabetes?

These facts are startling and it is for reasons like these that we feel strongly about supporting the hire of a National Diabetes Coordinator. Here is what our very own Rick Russell, President & CEO of American Medical ID, had to say about this issue:

“American Medical ID supports establishment of the office of National Diabetes Coordinator. It would represent an important step toward confirming our commitment to fight the already unacceptable rate of growth in diabetes cases. The sheer numbers of the newly diagnosed dictate the need for greater leadership and coordination as we attempt to respond, as a nation, to what is becoming a national health care crisis.”

Thank you to all who helped by signing the petition! You helped make a difference and have your voice heard on one of our nation’s leading healthcare problems.

Also, remember that if you have diabetes, wearing a medical ID bracelet or medical ID necklace could help save your life!

Carthy Picton

American Medical ID



Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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