College Bound with Diabetes

Going away to college and living on your own can be a scary, overwhelming experience.  Especially if you’ve always had parents and a support system to help you with your type 1 diabetes; leaving that behind can definitely make the trek to college that much more terrifying.

Each fall, 2.3 million freshmen enroll in institutes of higher education in the U.S. Of these, an estimated 7,700 will have type 1 diabetes.  New students affected by diabetes don’t have to be afraid of their health care and educational needs as they adjust to college life if they plan ahead and have a game plan once they arrive. 


Some tips before leaving for college:


§  Meet with your primary care provider or endocrinologist before heading to college. Such a meeting enables the clinician to review all aspects of your medical care and will help educate you about some issues that you may not have already considered


§  Contact the college’s health facility to set up an introductory appointment  once you arrive on campus


§  Transfer your prescriptions


§  Make a check list to ensure you have all of the supplies needed to manage you diabetes while at school


§  Get a medical ID


Once at school:


§  It is highly recommended to discuss your diabetes with people that can help you if an emergency arises;  your roommate(s), resident advisor, professors, close friends


§  Create a list of emergency contact information


§  Make an early trip to the cafeteria where you plan to eat most of you meals. Ask the food service to post or provide nutritional information if available


With preparation, a plan and support, you should be able to effectively make the transition.  Best of luck and have the best time of your life in college!


For more great tips and an inside look at one college graduates recommendations and experience, read blogger and advocate Allison Blass’ post


Andrea Rucker

Marketing Manager

American Medical ID


Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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