What’s Coming This Holiday Season?

Is it just me, or do the holidays come earlier each and every year?  I was at the mall today with my family and was shocked to see Santa was already taking photos with children!  I guess that means the Holidays are officially here!  What did I miss?  I thought we just made it through Halloween!  I feel like I must be behind on my holiday shopping already.

I do enjoy this time of year and the excitement that comes with it.  Working for a medical ID jewelry company is even more exciting since we will soon be launching several new product lines just in time for gift-giving!  It’s a thrill to be involved in the creation and implementation of  these new designs.  We try to listen to our customer suggestions and launch stylish new product lines.  Yet at American Medical ID we are always very aware of making all new designs still distinctly a medical ID.  We want our customers to be protected in those unforeseen situations!

So, keep an eye on our site over the coming weeks and watch your email for great sales and promotions. And, most of all, try to remember to slow down a bit and enjoy the holiday season!

Liz Gabel
American Medical ID
Interactive Sales Marketing

Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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