Taking Blood Thinners? Learn the #1 Safety Precaution

What is the #1 safety precaution if you are taking a blood thinner? A medical identification bracelet. It’s a simple, but effective intervention that all patients should consider.

If you are currently taking a blood thinner, your doctor has probably recommended it to help prevent a stroke or heart attack. Common blood thinners include: Coumidin, Plavix and Warafin, although blood thinners are marketed under a variety of different pharmaceutical names. In general, they are all considered anticoagulants because they can prevent clotting in the arteries and the veins. They are important and life saving medications.

But even medications carry risks when prescribed with other medications. Blood thinners can have serious (even fatal) side effects when they interact with other medications. For this reason, a physician needs to know exactly what you are taking and why. Unfortunately, most people assume they will be able to let the physician know this information themselves, in the event of an emergency situation.

The truth, however, is that sometimes an emergency leaves a patient unconscious, temporarily incapacitated, or simply unable to communicate. In a true medical emergency, even the steadiest patient can become disorientated and confused. That is why medical bracelets are so important. They can communicate quickly and effectively for you, letting the practitioner know basic, but vital health information.

The American Medical Association considers these bracelets so important, they recommend that all patients consider wearing one. That way, if anything happens to you, a medical provider will know immediately, simply by examining the bracelet, what medications you are taking. Most bracelets are inscribed with other vital statistics, including your name, any allergies, as well as contact information for your personal physician. That way a medical doctor can call your physician immediately to consult about your case.

If you or your loved one is taking a blood thinner, make sure to have an emergency medical ID bracelet. Sometimes, the simplest things are truly the most important. American Medical ID carries a line of medical ID bracelets that are both stylish and functional. Find one that fits your needs or those of someone you care about today!

Founder and CEO of American Medical ID.

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