Make an investment in your health

health investment
Make an investment in your health

Make a smart investment in your health with a medical ID

It is said that there is nothing certain in life except death and taxes—and neither one is a pleasant thing to think about. Some people view taxes as a necessary evil, but they can also present an opportunity to organize your finances and make a smart investment in your health.

Here are three ways to make your medical ID purchase a smart investment.

Pair your ID with MyIHR

My Interactive Health Record (MyIHR) takes things one step further than just organizing your medical information for yourself, doctors and pharmacists. It works in conjunction with our medical ID jewelry to provide you an added layer of security in the event of an emergency.

Just like other personal health records, MyIHR platform is a secure online portal that stores a variety of information for you to organize and access as needed. However, when you engrave your medical ID with your MyIHR information, emergency responders can call or go online to access additional information that may make it easier to provide more accurate care. Since the portal is secure, only the information you make visible can be seen.

Pick an ID you love and care for it

It is important that you maintain your medical ID so it lasts a long time and remains readable. If you prefer a bracelet, upkeep starts with selecting the right size. An ID should fit snugly against your wrist so that the engraving isn’t subject to excessive rubbing. You should also clean your ID regularly. We offer polishing cloths to keep all your metal IDs shining bright. You can also take your ID in to your local jeweler for a yearly professional cleaning.

Incorporate wearing a medical ID into your daily dressing routine so that it becomes part of your “look.” Because they’re made for daily wear, American Medical IDs are designed for a variety of occasions. We have sporty IDs for working out, precious metal IDs for a night on the town, and stainless steel IDs to weather the daily grind.

Recycle your ID for a new one

If you’ve had your ID for years and love it, but the time has worn it down and the engraving is not so easy to read anymore, don’t throw it away! First of all, it has personal information that you don’t want shared with others, but also, there’s still value in the material—to us. Send it back to us and we’ll give you credit for a new ID in the form of a gift card. By recycling metals within our production shop, we’re able to defer costs of buying new materials from suppliers. Recycling is good for you, good for us, and good for the environment!

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