7 Reasons You Probably Never Heard of to Wear a Medical ID

reasons to wear a medical IDMost people recognize medical IDs as a necessity if you live with diabetes or food allergies. But there are a number of different reasons you probably have never heard of for people to wear a medical ID.

7. Your loved one doesn’t always remember.

Dementia affects more than just your ability to remember things. According to the Mayo Clinic, it also affects impaired judgement or language. Medical IDs can speak for those with dementia when they can’t.

6. You are a family caregiver.

If you provide care for someone and are involved in an emergency, a medical ID can tell emergency responders that they might need to check up on your loved one in your absence.

5. Your loved one tends to wander.

People with Alzheimer’s disease and autism are prone to wandering. They can easily become disoriented and not know how to get home. Medical IDs help anyone who finds them get in contact with their caregiver.

4. Your loved one doesn’t communicate verbally.

Some people with mental impairments cannot communicate verbally. They might become frustrated and misunderstood during an emergency situation. Medical IDs can help inform those around.

3. You’re a cancer survivor.

Many people who survive cancer and its rigorous treatments live with a condition called lymphedema which can cause swelling in an arm or leg. Medical IDs warning of the condition often also include “no blood pressure” and “no stick” engravings to tell medical professionals to avoid a certain arm.

2. You have a rare disease.

If you live with a disease that is not very common, you might find yourself explaining it to every health care professional you meet. If you’re unable to speak because of an emergency, a medical ID can fill in and inform doctors about your lesser-known condition so that you get the most accurate treatment.

1. You have an advance directive.

Some people make medical decisions well in advance of needing them. If you have a “do not resuscitate” order on file with your doctor, you can engrave that on your medical ID so that emergency personnel know to honor your wishes. Each state has different requirements, so make sure to check those before engraving DNR.

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