Your Back to School Resources for Managing Epilepsy

epilepsyAlthough as many as 1 in 26 people in the Unites States will develop a seizure disorder, the condition is not as commonly discussed as food allergies among children returning to school. But the challenges can be just as great for children managing epilepsy and their families.

Communication is key when sending your children back to school. Make sure their teachers, school nurse, counselor and any other administrators are aware of your child’s condition, especially triggers that may occur during the school day. Be sure to develop an emergency action plan that involves everyone, including your child’s doctor.

Children with epilepsy should wear a medical ID bracelet that provides people around them with relevant information about what to do in the case of a seizure, especially since seizure symptoms can vary widely. Consider a style that offers plenty of room for engraving instructions.

The Epilepsy Foundation is hosting a webinar September 15 to discuss how to prepare for the possibility of a seizure at school.

The foundation also offers a number of other resources for managing epilepsy:

Sources: Epilepsy Foundation, Mayo Clinic

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