Choosing the Right Medical ID for Back to School

back to school med ID childRaising children is hard enough.  Getting them to wear a medical ID shouldn’t be part of the struggle.  We have tons of styles and materials from which to choose, so make an effort to include your child or teen in the selection process.  After all, the best medical ID is the one they will actually wear.  Here are some of the questions you’ll want to consider to select the best fit for your child, especially as they head back to school.

Necklace or Bracelet?

A necklace will be less prone to wear and tear, but it can be a hazard for very young children and infants.  Bracelets tend to come in more fashionable styles that make wearing a medical ID less of a stigma.  We like to think we strike a healthy compromise between fashion and function – no one, especially teens, wants to be stuck wearing something that labels them as different, or looks like it came out of Grandma Betty’s medical cabinet.  Here at American Medical ID, we’ve been helping moms sleep at night for over 20 years by providing fun but recognizable medical IDs.

What Type of Metal?

The most enduring and scratch-resistant metal is stainless steel.  All of our stainless steel IDs are made from surgical grade stainless steel, including all components, including the plate, clasp, chain and charm.  Stainless steel medical IDs are built to last and meant for ‘round the clock wear.  We offer a variety of stainless steel bracelets that have interchangeable bands, allowing your child to customize her look as often as she likes. If your child is older and able to take care of finer jewelry, consider splurging on a sterling silver or gold ID for special or dressier occasions.  Our sterling silver bracelets include a rhodium coating to help prevent scratching and tarnish, so they can stand up to fairly rigorous wear.

How Do I Measure?

Take the time to measure your child’s wrist to get an accurate fit.  Bracelets that are too loose are more likely to scratch and engraving can become illegible, or worse, the bracelet is lost altogether! If you’re looking for something that can be easily adjusted over time and can grow with your child, consider a watch style band or one of our sportbands, with easily interchangeable bands. If your child prefers a bracelet with a traditional metal chain, our classic stainless steel medical IDs are able to be easily sized up or down using just two pairs of pliers.  If you’re concerned that your child will remove the medical ID when they are out of sight, try either a safety hook clasp (available on all of our stainless steel Classic medical ID bracelets), or a Classic Nylon Sportband with buckle clasp – both clasps are more difficult for younger hands to unhook by themselves.

What and How to Engrave?

We have some specific suggestions for exactly WHAT to engrave.  Here are some tips I’ve learned from parents and customers on HOW to engrave:

  • You may want to consider choosing an ID that only has engraving on the back side, so that medical information is against the skin. This not only helps to protect the engraving, but keeps your child’s information more private unless it is needed in an emergency.
  • Or, if you choose a medical ID with engraving on both sides, consider duplicating the information. That way, if the engraving wears away on the front, it will still be legible on the back.  After all, kids can be pretty tough on things that get daily use, so even with the best fit and stainless steel, it’s possible that front side engraving will scratch and become less legible over time.
  • Consider getting a “back-up” medical ID, like a key chain. These are particularly great for teen drivers.  Even if they forget their medical ID, you can bet their car keys are never far away!

Need Help Deciding?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can go over the options together to get the best fit for you and your child.  Got an idea for a medical ID that you think your kid would love to wear?  Give us a shout at – we love hearing real world experience from you, the experts!

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