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You may have noticed healthcare, along with everything else, is transitioning from a paper system to an electronic one. Pharmacists, hospitals, even your doctor’s office use a computer-based filing system to keep track of your medical information more effectively. With personal health records, some people are even taking their own health records into their own hands.

What exactly is a personal health record?

They are secure, electronic applications where people can save and view their health information. They can be saved on a physical file such as a USB flash drive, or they can be housed online where they can be accessed with an Internet connection. Unlike electronic documents that medical professionals use, personal health records are managed by you. Some insurance companies offer them as part of your plan.

According to, a website by the National Learning Consortium, personal health records:

  • Are managed by patients
  • Can include information from a variety of sources, including health care providers and patients themselves
  • Can help patients securely and confidentially store and monitor health information, such as diet plans or data from home monitoring systems, as well as patient contact information, diagnosis lists, medication lists, allergy lists, immunization histories, and much more
  • Are separate from, and do not replace, the legal record of any health care provider
  • Are distinct from portals that simply allow patients to view provider information or communicate with providers

Personal health records and medical IDs

On their own, health records are great for organizing your medical information or sharing it with doctors and pharmacists. Our personal health record, My Interactive Health Record (MyIHR), takes things one step further. MyIHR works in conjunction with our medical ID jewelry to provide you an added layer of security.

Just like other personal health records, MyIHR platform is a secure online portal that stores a variety of information for you to organize and access as needed. However, when you engrave your medical ID with your MyIHR information, emergency responders can call or go online to access additional information that may make it easier to provide more accurate care. Since the portal is secure, only the information you make visible can be seen.

How can I get MyIHR

MyIHR is available on many styles of our medical IDs. If you already have a medical ID, you can receive a complimentary charm with your MyIHR purchase. Charms are available in stainless steel, sterling silver, 10 kt gold-filled or 10 and 14kt gold. You can also opt out of the charm and simply purchase the personal health record service.

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