April 1 Limited Offer: EcoDelivery Packages by Carrier Pigeon

EcoDeliveryLogoHappy April Fools’ Day!

Here at American Medical ID, we believe the Earth is precious. That’s why this April 1, we’re showing how we are working to protect it.

We already offer recycling for your old or outdated ID jewelry, but our newest service is a representation of our love for our planet and an extension of the customized experience we offer our customers: EcoDelivery.

For hundreds of years people have trusted carrier pigeons to deliver messages, medicines and even wartime secrets. Now, we’re bringing it into the 21st century for you as an alternative to traditional methods of delivery for your medical ID jewelry.

Our pigeons, rescued off the mean streets of downtown Houston, Texas, are trained to handle your custom medical ID package with the utmost care and compassion. As valued employees at American Medical ID, our pigeons receive the best treatment and special attention. Our shipping/pigeon training department carefully wraps your personalized medical ID bracelet or necklace in a protective envelope. The envelope is then secured into the pigeon’s custom-fitted bellypack, snugly underneath the bird. Then, your ID is in the hands, or rather wings, of the world’s best delivery system.

EcoDeliverPigeonsUnlike the post office or private delivery companies, our pigeons do not pollute the environment. In fact, they are part of the delicately balanced ecosystem. There are no greenhouse gas emissions to worry about, and no drain on fossil fuels.

You might wonder about the logistics for delivery, but don’t. Carrier pigeons are better than your GPS at finding their destinations. Unlike other forms of delivery, there is no need to worry about an expensive package left at your door for someone to steal. Our pigeons will delicately tap at your living room or bedroom window incessantly until you open it for delivery, ensuring your package is delivered into your hands only.

Signing up for EcoDelivery is easy. Once you enter your billing and shipping information, just select EcoDelivery as your preferred shipping method. As a limited time offer, EcoDelivery is available only on April 1, 2015 as our gift to you.


Select EcoDelivery when you check out

You can take your eco shopping experience to an even higher level with one of our environmentally-friendly fabric IDs like the Flex Sportband or our new Mingle on faux suede.

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