True Stories of Autism: Real Stories About Real People

aut-snipeThe following inspirational and heartwarming story is from a reader story posted on The Autism Site* (the Autism Site is one of many helpful resources on the internet for those whose lives have been touched by autism).  The story is being re-posted here because of the message it sends, that having an autism spectrum disorder does not mean you cannot live a normal, productive, and happy life.  To read the original  article, as well as many more stories of hope and support, click here.

The Guy I Met In Math Class

When I was 16, I met a guy in math class. He was intelligent, caring, funny, but a little “off” somehow. We talked every day and hung out as often as we could. With him, I could talk about anything. He didn’t judge. He was very logical. I liked that about him.

We got to know each other very well and eventually I gave him my phone number, and we talked every night. Then, a couple months later, while talking on the phone one night, he just randomly declared his love for me! I literally sat there in my bedroom, no idea what to say! Haha. But, as awkward as it was at first, I kinda started to realize… maybe I love him too…. So we started dating.

I’d go over to his house after school and one day, I was chatting with his mom and she mentioned him having “Asperger’s Syndrome.” I had no idea what it was. She explained that it’s a form of Autism! You never would’ve known by the way he was acting. He didn’t have repetitive movements of any kind, he talked to everyone. But, he was very logical, didn’t like certain feelings or touches on his skin, and hated being dirty! Apparently his mom had seen signs of it when he was just a year or two old. She tried to put him in grass and he freaked out and started crying!

She took him to therapy for years to help develop his skills. Because of what she did for him, he is now 20 years old, fully functioning, a great guy… married AND a father! (Yes, married to me and it’s our baby!) He has a great job and works hard for us. His Asperger’s can still make things difficult at times and I have to be patient with him, but it’s so worth it. I’ll say this: people with Autism can be the most loving, caring, wonderful people you will ever meet. I love being with him. It’s been four years, married for almost two. I wouldn’t change him for the world.

Mickie McLaughlin

Parents of children with autism should ensure that their child is wearing a medical ID bracelet at all times.  Autism can be a tricky condition for emergency medical professionals, primarily because the autism spectrum means that no two people with autism have exactly the same needs and concerns.  Some with autism take medications, others have sensory concerns, others may be nonverbal, and others may be very high functioning.  An autism medical ID can help inform medical and response personnel of the specific needs associated to the wearer and make sure that medications administered do not interfere or react to what may already have been taken.

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