Do You Know About MyIHR?

myIHRMy Interactive Health Record, or MyIHR is a secure online portal for storing all your health and medical information. It’s your filing system, medicine cabinet, and health address book.

MyIHR solves the problem of having your medical information all over the place, especially during an emergency when first responders or hospital personnel might need to access it. MyIHR is portable, flexible, and best of all, has no recurring monthly fees!

We offer MyIHR as a standalone service, or you can add the service on when you order your medical ID. We’ll even engrave account access information on your bracelet so that paramedics can call or go online to see your records. Only authorized users will be able to edit, though. If you already have an ID, you can purchase a MyIHR charm to add on or carry on your keychain.

Curious about what how MyIHR can help you?

Here’s a comment from an actual MyIHR customer:

“About one month after receiving my medical ID bracelet and MyIHR, I suffered a bad fall at home. My spouse was out of the country working, and I was alone.

I called 9-1-1 to take me to an emergency room. The ambulance attendants were not thrilled when they saw all of my medications and they deemed my case could be very complicated. However, I told them not to worry about gathering all my medications; they could just look up the information on MyIHR.

Using the access information on my charm, they input my information into their system easily. They even said that mine was the first case that they had seen such a great way to administer appropriate care without worry of subjecting their patient to possibly dangerous medications.

My record is now in their system, should an ambulance ever be dispatched to my home in the future. At the hospital, the ER team was very happy to be given the same computer access and updated my file easily, and completely. I can’t stress enough that this works, and works well, especially for people with multiple health conditions or multiple medications. Thanks for the MyIHR service!” – Randy

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As American Medical ID's Marketing Specialist, Shannon manages company social media channels and print marketing. Shannon is a Texas Native and attended the University of Texas at San Antonio where she majored in Marketing. She enjoys traveling the world, going to the lake with her family and spending time with her adorable Shih Tzu, Teddy!

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