American Medical ID Partners with MedSimple™ during American Diabetes Month

Are you hearing more about diabetes in the news and online this month? This is American Diabetes Month® when the American Diabetes Association joins with concerned groups around the nation to raise awareness of this ever-growing disease.

Sharing a similar mission, Dr. Anuj Bhargava, MD, MBA, CDE, FACP, FACE is working to improve the health and lives of patients with diabetes through research and technology. Dr. Bhargava is President and founder of the Iowa Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Center (IDERC) and is also founder of My Diabetes Home, a company dedicated to simplifying diabetes worldwide online.

My Diabetes Home is partnering with American Medical ID during Diabetes Month to help spread the word about the importance of medical identification and medical alerts. Your ID bracelet serves to inform emergency and medical professionals about your unique medical condition before treatment begins.

In addition to medical IDs, another tool is available to help keep your medical information organized and accessible for healthcare professional. Bhargava, with his team of medical experts and mobile developers, recently launched the most complete and easy-to-use medication management platform on the market. MedSimple is available as an online tool or a mobile application.

MedSimple is “meds made simple.” Download MedSimple to make medication management simple and burden free. Input your medication information along with refill and dosage information. Keep MedSimple up to date so that in case of an emergency, your med list, doctor and pharmacy can be retrieved from your smart phone by your caregiver or medical professional with just a few clicks!

Download MedSimple on your iPhone


or Android


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