Benefits of Online Medical Registry

The precise conditions of a medical emergency cannot be predicted, but ensuring that medical providers have accurate information can be absolutely crucial. Registering with an online medical registry such as with American Medical ID can prevent potentially life-threatening decisions and enable speedy treatment.

Drug interactions can be fatal, especially in an emergency situation where other factors may already pose a risk to the patient. An individual in a crisis situation might be unable to self-report drugs and treatment due to unconsciousness or distress. Medical ID jewelry can help pinpoint patients registered with significant medical conditions or allergies to certain medications. For example, an online registry can inform health care providers that a patient has a pacemaker or a particular illness, such as diabetes.

Medical records are often sufficient in an emergency, but sometimes it is best to go straight to the source for information. Online medical registries can also carry information about a client’s medical care team- doctors, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists and other caregivers. This information can be helpful if caregivers need more information prior to treatment.

In some emergencies or otherwise stressful situations, maintaining identification and documentation can be a hassle or nearly impossible. Medical ID jewelry can provide an identity, and information maintained on the registry can provide emergency contact information and insurance information.

Patients with past surgeries, neurological disorders or other histories may present a unique problem when it comes to diagnosis, especially when the patient is unable to present a medical history. Documents, including scans, can be maintained on online medical registries and accessed when previous health status needs to be assessed. Also, documents pertaining to end of life status, such as living wills and donor cards, can be provided in the event that an individual in the registry does not survive.

Even in situations that do not pose an immediate threat to health, online medical registries provide fast and efficient access to a patient’s information. Many hospitals have tedious processes for transferring paperwork and records from one facility to another and many health databases only provide information within a relatively small network of health care facilities. On the other hand, an online medical registry can potentially provide access in any facility.

Whether the situation is a medical emergency or straightening out insurance information after an annual visit, registering with an online medical registry can make the process more efficient. When you purchase select medical IDs from American Medical ID, you have the option of adding on a health record for a nominal cost.

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