Staying Stylish with Diabetes Dog Tags

When an emergency strikes, every minute counts, especially for diabetics. Paramedics, nurses and other medical professionals are trained to check for medical alert jewelry when attempting to treat patients who may be unconscious, or simply unresponsive. Wearing diabetes dog tags can save time, and possibly your life.

dog tag idThere are two types of diabetes. With Type 1, the body simply is not producing enough insulin. With Type 2, the problem may be that insulin production is low, or it may be that cells are actually ignoring the insulin. To deliver the proper treatment quickly, medical personnel must know which type of diabetes they are dealing with. This can consume precious time. Also, contact information must be found for the family.

With diabetes dog tags or any other type of medical alert jewelry, the medical staff will know exactly which type they are treating instantly. And with the free online personal health record available with some medical alert jewelry, your personal contact is just as easily accessible.

There are many people who suffer from diabetes, but are not willing to wear flashy jewelry that essentially labels them. Bracelets can be bulky, and some may feel as though they are advertising their disease. Diabetes dog tags provide people with a stylish alternative. Dog tags are worn by members of the military, so people do not automatically identify them with any type of medical condition.

Dog tags traditionally are inscribed with the wearer’s blood type, so medical professionals are used to going directly to the tags for pertinent information. They provide diabetics of all ages with the safety they want in a stylish package that they can comfortably wear 24 hours a day. They can be worn over your shirt as a unique accessory, or the necklace can be hidden under your shirt. No matter how you wear them, diabetes dog tags are essential to staying safe.

People with other medical conditions can also benefit from wearing medical alert jewelry. These include any specific allergies that medical personnel would ask about in case of an emergency. American Medical ID provides diabetes dog tags, other diabetes identifying medical alert jewelry and unique medical ID accessories to help you take the precaution you need.

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