Asthma Solutions for Spring and Seasonal Asthma

spring asthmaEveryone looks forward to spring, except for people with asthma. For them, springtime does not just mean warmer days and lighter clothing but it also can bring seasonal coughing and asthma attacks. But with some simple precautions, asthmatics can still enjoy springtime without risking painful and dangerous asthma attacks.

Avoid Triggers

People with allergies to molds, dust mites and pollen are usually prone to getting asthma attacks from new smells or very strong odors. Because of this, people with allergies should not partake in chores like dusting. Staying indoors when strong-smelling pesticides or fertilizers are placed on lawns and gardens is also helpful.  We also suggest keeping track of your allergy triggers using a simple allergy listing form.

Cold temperatures and dry air can also trigger asthma attacks. When out in cold weather, it is a good idea to breathe through a scarf or cloth in order to warm the breath. This helps prevent the bite of cold air from tightening the throat, causing coughing and possibly triggering attacks.

Use Air Conditioning

Believe it or not, one of the best tools to prevent asthma attacks is an air conditioner. Keeping the home or car windows closed and the air conditioner on keeps out wind-borne pollen, dust, fungal spores or strong chemical smells. If someone in the household is working in the yard or mowing the lawn, stay inside and turn the air conditioner on.

Also, pay attention to the pollen or pollution counts in the weather reports. They are also reported in most newspapers, radio stations and from the website of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. If the counts are high, stay indoors as much as possible. Pollen and mold counts tend to be lowest the day after it rains.

Wear Allergy Bracelets

During a seasonal asthma attack or severe allergic reaction, a patient often can barely speak due to shortness of breath. If this occurs in a strange place where no one knows allergies or asthma are involved, the result could be fatal. To avoid any unnecessary suffering, it is recommended that every asthmatic wear one or more allergy bracelets at all times. These are medical identity badges that list allergies or medical conditions.

Allergy bracelets can be life savers during spring asthma attacks because they instantly provide information that any medical worker will need to give immediate treatment. Learn more about how American Medial ID allows you to create your own allergy bracelets or simply order one with your allergy engraved on it.

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