Medical News of the Week

  1. Diabetes and Major Emergencies: How to Prepare
    Important items to keep on hand and in your emergency kit when you have diabetes can include the following: extra insulin and syringes or pens, contact numbers for family and close friends and a medical alert bracelet.
    Source: Joslin Diabetes Center
  2. 7 Stroke Symptoms and Key Actions To Take
    Like a heart attack, a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention.
    Source: Johns Hopkins
  3. In Women, Diabetes Plus Depression a Deadly Combo
    Women suffering from both diabetes and depression have a greater risk of dying, especially from heart disease.
    Source: Archives of General Psychiatry
  4. At Least Americans Aspire to be Healthy Eaters …
    Do you think you’re a healthy eater? Odds are, the answer is yes. According to a new survey from Consumer Reports, nine out of 10 Americans give themselves credit for consuming a diet that’s at least “somewhat” healthy.
    Source: Consumer Reports
  5. Mediterranean Diet Tied to Slower Mental Decline
    People who eat and drink like the Greeks may think a little more clearly into old age.
    Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
For more tips, visit: Joslin Diabetes Center

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