USB Dog Tags – USB Medical Alert Product Review

USB Dog Tag ID

Do you like to stay ahead of the curve? Are you a techie?

If either of those statements describe you, than I’m excited to introduce you to the first engravable USB medical ID; the USB Dog Tag.

This ID provides you with all the features of the Dog Tag, but offers a unique USB device to store detailed information that could never  fit on an ID. With the use of a pre-loaded template it is easy to make sure you have everything you need to share organized and ready to view.

Information to store on USB Medical Alert:
– Information that regularly changes or needs to be updated often
– Medical conditions
– Emergency contacts
– Doctor’s name and office number
– Insurance information
– Living will
– Donor cards
– EKGs
– X-rays
– Anything else you’d like to be shared

Doctors are quickly moving to electronic records with a push from the Government to be completely transferred from paper to electronic by 2015. With half of all doctors currently using electronic records having a USB medical dog tag will help make it easy to keep records up to date between physicians.

This USB medical ID goes beyond the limits of every other medical ID out there. What would you put on your USB medical record?

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